Unmatched corrosion protection is within your reach. And, there is no better affirmation of that than what our customers have to say about TC-11.

“TC-11 definitely reduces the amount of time we have to spend to prep equipment before delivering it to our customers, and they like corrosion free machines”–Jeff Feyereisen, Vice-President, Allied Machinery (Case).

TC-11 can un-freeze fasteners that I would consider to be hopeless. I was very skeptical when I first heard about TC-11, but when I saw TC-11 free heavily rusted bolts in a matter or seconds I was convinced”– Colonel Julius Yucker, United States Air Force (Retired)    .

I own a 1,400 horsepower flat bottom drag boat and I do the engine work myself. I used TC-11 for all aspects of rebuilding the engine, including removing carbon deposits from the very expensive ceramic coated pistons. I also used TC-11 to remove the harmonic balancer from the crankshaft. TC-11 penetrated the entire thickness of the balancer in a matter of minutes, and it made removing the balancer very easy. I think that it is a great product” –Barry Black, Gene Black Racing

“TC-11 and 0000 steel wool is great for taking rust off of the spokes on my Harley Davidson. As you can imagine, I will not let anything touch my Hog that could possible hurt it. The ability of TC-11 to melt rust without affecting rubber, paint, and plastic is simply amazing”.–Major Bertagnolli, United States Army




Amazing TC-11

TC-11’s cutting edge corrosion inhibiting power is without peer.   No other product comes close.  Whether you use TC-11 for the toughest of industrial applications,  or just around the house, you’ll have absolutely no trouble keeping metal surfaces free of corrosion. Click on the button below to find out more about the amazing corrosion fighting qualities of TC-11.

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