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The identical steel Q-panels presented below were chemically cleaned, treated once with a competing product, and exposed to identical environmental conditions of 24-hours per day of a salt breeze, intermittent rainfall, tropical sunlight, and a nightly condensation cycle for 21 days. The panels were photographed on a daily basis to document the test results and the test can be duplicated by any interested party. A photo log of the daily test results is presented on the Seeing is Believing web page.

See the Competition page for more examples of how TC-11 performs in comparison to other products.

TC-11 – The Ultimate Corrosion Inhibitor

No other corrosion inhibitor performs like TC-11. Whether you need to protect ordinary household items or heavy industrial equipment on land or at sea in the harshest of environments, you can count on TC-11.

TC-11 will:

  • Maintain the original appearance and performance of equipment indefinitely with a minimum of cost and effort.
  • Help restore rusted equipment to its original. performance and appearance
  • Increase the equipment lifetime and reduce operating. and maintenance costs for all types of equipment.
  • Prevent vehicle damage from road and ocean salt  in conjunction with painting and undercoating.
  • Make electrical systems virtually impervious to the effects of water for extended periods of time.
  • Perform a variety of household tasks, such as lubricating door and window hardware, removing rust stains, adhesive residue, and indelible ink from a wide variety of surfaces..

TC-11…Nothing works better!



TC-11 Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
is sold with a
“No Questions Asked!”

100% Money-back Guarantee!

TC-11′s proven performance is unmatched.  Without a doubt, it will be your best friend for everyday use and for demanding applications in the toughest of environments.  It beats its competitors in every way and its protective power lasts up to three times longer than its closest competitor making its per application cost 1/3 less.  You won’t find a better value than tc-11.  Order a supply today!


By the 13-oz can or by the case (12 – 13-oz cans), TC-11 Aerosol is the most convenient application system for small corrosion prevention projects. Best for every day use. Buy Now!

TC-11 Gal size is well suited for more robust corrosion prevention projects where large surface areas are present. TC-11 is easily applied with any good quality sprayer. Buy Now!

5 gal capacity TC-11 is ideally suited for shops where equipment is repaired or reconditioned. By the container or by the 2-container case 5-gal TC-11 provides an economical solution. Buy Now!

TC-11 55 gal drums are available to address large scale corrosion protection projects that frequently involved ocean shipping among other industrial applications. Buy Now!

We tried TC-11 in July of 2001 and it has been so effective in controlling corrosion that we now offer it as an optional treatment for all of our customers. Some customers, such as dealers for Caterpillar and Case, insist upon TC-11 being applied to every piece of equipment that is put on a barge for shipment. Our customers inform us that TC-11 is highly effective in controlling rust, and best of all, it is easy to remove without the need for soap or degreasers .–- M. Maxwell, Northland Marine Services, Seattle, Washington

Recently, one of my customers called me to repair his $6,000.00 radar. Upon inspection of the antenna, I found extensive water damage. The printed  circuit boards were green with corrosion. I didn’t know if I could salvage them. Being out of the cleaner that I normally would have used, I purchased a can of  TC-11. Your product, I found out, not only removed the corrosion, but was easy to remove the residue. Upon reinstalling the unit, The customer thought I purchased all new boards, and was ready to cash in an IRA for the repair. He was amazed that all the boards were salvaged, and the bill, including labor, was a little more then $500.00, including the $10.00 for your product. Your TC-11 will, from now on, be the only cleaner in my vehicles.–- Frank Koz, owner, Ocean Marine Electronics

I put TC-11 on a metal overhead door that was difficult to operate and it was making a lot of noise. As soon as I put TC-11 in the operating mechanism, it was much easier to operate and it no longer made any noise. The amazing thing is that this was three years ago, and the TC-11 is still doing its job. When I applied the TC-11 some of the over spray landed in a fish pond that was below the door. I figured that the fish were in big trouble. It turned out that the TC-11 had no effect on the fish. I recommend the product to everyone”. –- Glen – Kailua, Hawaii.

TC-11 is the best product I have found for many uses around my home!  It is especially good for lubricating the runners for aluminum sliding doors and metal handles for jalousies.  It also helps control corrosion of metal from salt air, and  I have used it often for rust removal from household tools. I find it is an indispensable liquid for these and many other uses, and better than other products I have tried. –- D.C. Wilson